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Underarm Detox Bar - Charcoal
Underarm Detox Bar - Charcoal
Underarm Detox Bar - Charcoal

Underarm Detox Bar - Charcoal

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Detox your armpits! Switching from an aluminum antiperspirant and want to clean out your underarm pores? This soap bar will gently exfoliate and help you transition from aluminum-based antiperspirants to a natural deodorant. The bar uses clays, charcoal, and exfoliants to help the transition to a natural deodorant, and it has organic fair-trade shea butter for softness and soothing. 

How to use: Use it for the first few weeks (until you are feeling stink-free) when you're switching from aluminum antiperspirant to natural deodorant (see our Routine Natural Deodorants). Wet bar and lather in armpits. Wait about a minute and then rinse thoroughly. Dry underarms before applying deodorant.

Vegan Ingredients: sodium cocoate, sodium shea butterate (organic), sodium castorate, loofah, volcanic clay, activated charcoal.

This underarm detox is:

  • vegan
  • handmade 
  • 0.9 oz/ 25.5 g
  • made without palm oil 
  • not tested on animals
  • plastic-free
  • fragrance-free
  • detergent-free

Note: Each bar will be a slightly different shape and size due to the 100% handmade nature of this product.

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