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About Us

~ Our Goal ~ 

To help create a global community that uses everyday products that are plastic-free and reusable which in turn are healthier for the individual, community, and the planet.


 ~ Meet the Owner ~

Nicole Smith

Nicole always wanted to have a business that would create a positive impact on the world. Having grown up near the ocean in Vancouver, British Columbia, marine conservation was one of her passions at an early age. She likes to help out with marine non-profits, such as Cetus Society, Marine Education & Research Society, and Marine Mammal Rescue. Nicole received her degree in Environmental Studies and Sociology from the University of Victoria, and she also did an Entrepreneur Program through Simon Fraser University. Another passion of Nicole's is traveling. Having done extensive trips in South East Asia, Europe, North America, and Central America, she has seen how our oceans are looking across the globe. One thing is for certain, Nicole knew that the amount and the way we use plastics has to change. There is nothing worse than to be swimming in the ocean and having little plastic baggies floating all around you and knowing that the plastic is being ingested by marine mammals. Hence, the idea for Honest Sea Shop was born. Nicole's idea for Honest Sea Shop began mainly to bring awareness of the plastics in our oceans and to provide items that are environmentally friendly and healthy that people can use every day.