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Copper Tongue Scraper

Copper Tongue Scraper

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Help keep fresh breath all day with this Copper Tongue Scraper. It removes plaque and bacteria from your tongue keeping your breath fresher. There is no need for the bottles of mouth wash or the packs of gum and mints. You can use the tongue scraper as a more ecofriendly breath freshener.

To use: place the scraper on the back of your tongue and pull forward. Result: fresher breath!

This product: 

  • is plastic-free
  • easily flexes to fit any mouth
  • is made from 100% antibacterial copper
  • is naturally antibacterial
  • will not rust or mold
  • is tarnish free with regular use
  • greatly reduces bad breath
  • is from a 🍁 Canadian Company (Victoria, BC)

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